Dental Implant Restoration

Over the last couple of decades, dental implants have greatly progressed. Now considered an excellent standard of care, implants are routinely placed to replace missing teeth (other options include bridges and partial/full dentures).  Dental implants are surgically placed below the gumline in a series of appointments with the oral surgeon.  Once the surgeon advises that the implant is ready for “restoration” (or a crown), we take an impression (or mold) of the area to fabricate a crown that looks like and feels like the surrounding teeth in your mouth.  Placement of a dental implant and restoration is a multiple-step procedure.


Dental implants are the most predictable tooth replacement option available. It is the only option that provides natural tooth hygiene (the ability to floss between the teeth) and eliminates the need to reduce the adjacent teeth (such as in a bridge).  It is also an excellent way to stabilize a denture.
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