Post-Op Instruction


  • Dental anesthesia lasts for approximately 2-4 hours in most people. The more active you are (like taking a walk), the faster the body will metabolize the anesthetic.  Please be careful while you are numb not to bite or burn yourself.  The body loses temperature reception when anesthetic is placed.  It is normal to have slight soreness or slight sensitivity for a day or two in the area of treatment.  This should subside and return to normal fairly quickly after work is completed.  If you are having problems with a tooth that was recently repaired, please give us a call! 


  • The day of your appointment, please plan to take it easy when returning home or to work. It is important to keep blood flow at a neutral level (no exercising or heavy lifting) so the blood clot that forms will stay in place.  It is also very important to stay away from vigorous swishing, spitting and using straws; again, the blood clot needs to stay in place for proper healing.  A soft diet is recommended for the first few days so food does not lodge in the area of surgery.  Over-the-counter ibuprofen (Advil) is the best pain medication or anti-inflammatory that we can recommend.  If the doctor feels as though you need additional medication, this will be addressed at the time of your appointment.  It is normal to have bruising or to be sore for several days after the surgery; however, discomfort should diminish a little more each day.  Please call us if you need us!