Routine Care

Dental Cleanings

  • Keep your smile healthy and beautiful with twice a year check-ups with our dentist and hygienists!

Digital X-rays

  • We offer digital radiographs – the fastest, most comfortable x-ray experience with the least amount of radiation exposure!

Periodontal Treatment

  • With twice a year check-ups, we will help you prevent and detect signs and symptoms of gum disease so that your teeth will last a lifetime. As dental research progresses, it is now proven that there is a systemic link between gum disease and the rest of your body.  It is important to maintain healthy gums, especially if other systemic problems are present (diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc.).

Oral Cancer Screening

  • We offer complimentary oral cancer screenings with every exam. Every year, there are more than 30,000 new cases of oral cancer diagnosed.  Make your appointment today!

Laser Cavity Detector

  • Laser scanning of teeth allows us to better prevent misdiagnosis of cavities by detecting the difference between a cavity, soft enamel, or deep staining. This is a routine part of your check-up and will be performed regularly to prevent future problems with your teeth.

Routine Care